Flex Bubbly Blue




A swirl of pleasure. ”
From the vacuum hole “MOOVA” that moves in the spiral, new colors with unique and detailed detail.
BUBBLY BLUE (Bubbly Blue)
The raised large detail allows you to enjoy a boring and swirl like a big bubble while clinging to the full, impactful pleasure.

It rotates, sucks and tangles ”
Vacuum & Spinning Hole MOOVA
Tenga MOOVA has been realized with a new dimension of pleasure thanks to its proprietary soft material and carefully calculated spiral shape.
Stroke while sealing the air holes in the case create a powerful vacuum and the case will deform and rotate automatically while rotating in a spiral.
In addition, it is a one-size-fits-all design that can be enjoyed by anyone, and can be used in a variety of ways.

TENGA MOOVA offers 4 types of pleasure.
SILKY WHITE: Smooth tangling spiral that sticks to the skin like a wrap.
ROCKY BLACK: The spiral tightens and tightens to the tightness of a tightening sensation.
BUBBLY BLUE: Raised Large Detail Feel the uncomfortable swirling while clinging to it.
FIZZY GREEN: Countless Fine Details It is snug and swirling pleasure.